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With the advent of computerization, almost everyone has dealt himself to computer initiated gadgets or even in some transactions to offices and institutions. For an instance, upon entering to a certain bank institution, transaction starts with a sophisticated computer generated machine asking if what services the bank can offer until finishing one's transaction.

With this, the launching of ONLINE TRAVEL ORDER SYSTEM (OTOS) pilots the system generated transactions on the travel orders catering all personnel. This system serves as an internal control system of the Office since these travel orders are in sequence with some control features. It is a win-win solution since the system does not require each signatory every time a personnel needs to secure Travel Order because approval on its request is just in the computer system per se.

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The Regional Online Travel Order System (OTOS) Development Team will spearhead and coordinate the enhancement of the OTOS from Windows-based platform to a web-based system. The team's collective expertise will ensure the successful development and implementation of the upgraded OTOS, fostering improved efficiency and accessibility for travel management within the region.

Nonito M. Tamayo, CESO III

Regional Executive Director

Atty. Claudio A. Nistal, Jr.

Assistant Regional Director for Management Services

Mary Kathleen P. Po

Chief, Planning Management and Division

Marietta L. Chua

Chief, Regional ICT Unit

Provide averall guidance & supervision to the development team

Liaise with relevant stakeholders to ensure alignment with regional objectives

Present to the top management for approval of major decisions and project milestones

Jobert C. Awa

Information System Analyst II, PENRO Agusan del Norte

Assist in gathering and analyzing user requirements for the web-based OTOS.

Collaborate with other team members to ensure seamless integration with existing systems

Contribute to the design and testing phases of the project.

Anthonie Feny V. Catalan

Front-end/Back-end Programmer, RICTU

Lead the development of the back-end components of the web-based OTOS.

Implement secure and efficient data management and processing functionalities.

Collaborate with front-end programmers to achieve a cohesive user experience.

Joshua Michael B. Jumonong

Front-end Programmer, PENRO Agusan del Norte

Spearhead the development of the front-end interface for the web-based OTOS.

Ensure a user-friendly and visually appealing design that aligns with regional branding.

Collaborate with back-end programmers to integrate front-end components seamlessly.

Jaycelenni N. Paler

Front-end Programmer, RICTU

Collaborate with other front-end programmers to develop and implement user interfaces.

Assist in conducting usability tests and gathering feedback for continuous improvements.

Provide technical support during the testing and implementation phases.

Eugreg E. Baptisma

Network Infrastructure Focal, RICTU

Focus on enhancing the network infrastructure required for the web-based OTOS.

Ensure robust security measures and optimal performance for users across the region.

Collaborate with the team to address any network-related challenges during development.

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